Lithium batteries: safety instructions for use

In this article we give important advices for your safety, regarding transport and use of lithium batteries without protection as 18650 Sony – VTC series. These batteries are used in applications as e-bikes, but also in electronic cigarettes.

Battery composition (external):

  1. One cylindrical shell (1) (covered by a heat shrink tubing wrap)
  2. From an isolating ring (2) around the positive terminal
  3. From a rounded positive terminal (3)
  4. From a totally flat negative terminal (4)

Compared to batteries type 18650 with over current protection circuit included, the standard 18650 can supply an extremely high current in a short time. This current may damage the battery itself, overheating it. It is important to consider that any metal object is a current conductor, therefore it must be absolutely avoided the transport of lithium batteries in pockets or bags without a protection case.

Even if a battery were the only object left in your pocket, in case of accidental contact with keys or coins, it might happen a short-circuit of the positive with the negative terminals, with related overheating, flames and even explosions.

To avoid this risk, we recommended the use of a plastic case of the exact battery type(18350/18500/18650/26650), granting a safe transport.

During their use on electronic devices, the battery voltage is constantly monitored by the chip inside the device, for this reason its use is not more nor less dangerous compared to smartphones (they are also powered from lithium batteries).

It is recommended to carefully use this type of battery in all “home-made” applications where the appropriate controls on the battery status, that are normally supplied in the professional devices, might be lacking.

In case that during its service life the battery might be damaged (as showed in the picture), it is not necessary to replace the whole battery but it is enough to replace the heat-shrinking film(keeping the black ring on the positive terminal). Removing the old film, and fitting the new one in order to cover both terminals, it is enough to place the battery near a mild heating source to shrink the film and restore the protection of your lithium battery that will be fully in service again.

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