A guide on programming your FAAC Remote Control

come programmare il telecomando FAAC

First, we must highlight that FAAC Remote Controls are different for two main reasons: operating frequency and encoding type.
For this reason, when we have to buy a remote control we must be sure to choose the right model that our system will support with frequency. Most of the currently installed systems have a frequency of 433.92 MHz, but the new gate remote controls are moving to 868.35 MHz frequency.
You may still own old receivers with quartz remote controls and frequencies around 30 MHz, the first systems installed during the ‘80s., or with frequencies among 290 and 330 MHz, installed in the ‘90s.

Encoding type related to different signals type generated by your remote control

We can find FAAC gate remote controls with fix code or rolling code. Fix code means that whenpressing the button, the remote control sends an opening command that’s always standard. This mode makes any new remote control set up easier, but with less security.
Through the Rolling code instead, the remote control always generates a different signal that can only be decoded and recognized by its paired receiver. This feature makes the remote control copy more complicated, as it is necessary to pair the receiver and the new remote control, but its security is far higher, as they cannot be easily cloned.

FAAC’s patent on the Self Learning Hopping technology uses this function, even improved. It is actually possible to copy a remote control with rolling code starting from an already paired remote control, with no need to pair the new remote control with the central unit.
This special characteristic of FAAC remote controls add a new remote control range: Master and Slave ranges. Both can be used for opening our gate, but the first ones can be used for setting up the second ones.

How can we distinguish a Master or Slave remote control?

To understand which remote control you have in your hands you just have to press any button and check the flashing LED. If it rapidly flashes for 1-2 times before the light becomes fix, this mean that you have a Master remote control, and you can use it to set up new controls. Instead, if you press the LED and it does not flash but keeps being switched on, then the device you have is a Slave type and it can just be used for encoding receipt, with no transmission possibilities.

Setting up your FAAC Gate Remote Control easily and efficiently

The first operation to set up your FAAC Gate Remote Control is to identify the remote control model you need.
On your remote control back you should find the frequency and model. When ordering please make sure you order a suitable remote control for the model you have.
Before starting just check the battery charge status to avoid any issue during remote control copy process. You can check the battery status taking off the back compartment and measuring its voltage with a tester or just testing its functioning with a remote opening of your gate and checking the signal intensity.

How to set up the FAAC 433 SLH LR or 868 SLH LR gate remote controls

Take a look at how you can set up your gate remote control FAAC model XT4 433 SLH LR andXT4 868 SLH LR

These two remote control models with 433.92 MHz or 868MHz frequency are both equipped with SLH and LR patented technologies. The number following up the “xt” shows the number of buttons and then the related available channels.

First you have to check that the original remote control you have is a Master device through the procedure seen before.
Now you can set it up placing both devices near each other and pressing at the same time buttons 1 and 2 of the Master remote control to copy, until the LED flashes.
Now keep the button that has to send the signal to be copied pressed on the Master remote control, and keep the button you wish to set up on the Slave device pressed until the Slave remote control LED flashes twice. This signal means that set up is completed.

Set up your FAAC 433 SL gate remote control

FAAC XT 433 SL is an older remote control model and the set up procedure is easy, with no differences between Master or Slave models.
It is just necessary to move the new remote control closer to the already encoded model, keep the old remote control button that has to send the signal pressed and press at the same time the button to be copied on the new remote control.
Keep both buttons pressed until the new remote control LED flashes twice and then establishes it on a fix light. The procedure is then completed and we can encode any other button, repeating all steps from the beginning.

Master the setup of your FAAC xt 433 RC Gate Remote Control with these simple steps

All FAAC xt2/4 433RC remote controls use a superior rolling code security technology that requires the new controls set up directly from the central unit.
To pair the new remote controls to the central unit there is no need for specific electronic experience.
Open the central receiver unit box and put your new original remote control close to it. Keep buttons 1 and 2 pressed until the LED starts flashing.
Now, on the central unit, press button SW1 if you are encoding button 1 of your remote control. Or, press button SW2 for encoding button 2. The central unit LED will start flashing. You should then press within 5 seconds the remote control button you want to set up. The flashing remote control LED will not change to a fix light and then it will switch off. This shows the procedure has been completed.
If the gate to control belongs to an apartment building it is necessary to contact the building administrator as when a new control on the central unit is set up, it is possible that if the maximum number of controls that can be saved has already been reached, an old remote control is erased.