Why having a radio and choosing the right one is important

Usually, when we talk about radios we immediately think about emergency and security situations: first aid, police, firefighters, civil protection and emergency services are just some of the professions that come to mind.

But they are not the only ones who use the radio. Radio is widely used where there is a need to manage the public, and situations where rapid communication tools are needed over large areas, like shopping centers, department stores, restaurants, hotels and seaside resorts.

What are the advantages of using radios?
– Radios are not affected by shocks, high or low temperatures. They are made to last.
– They have excellent signal coverage everywhere (there are no “grey areas” as there are with telephone lines).
– They ensure fast communication. In addition, you don’t need to know the phone numbers of everyone on the radio, you just press one button: PTT.

There is one more advantage: the decree issued on 17/7/2020 sanctioning the liberalization of the PMR446 band has finally become law. Thanks to Law 120 of 11 September 2020, it is now no longer necessary to complete and submit a self-certification declaration to the Territorial Inspectorate and pay an annual fee of €12.

Perfect timing! Purchase your PMR446 radio now, and use it without wasting any more time, in Italy as well as in the rest of Europe!

Which two-way radios can my company use?

In general, for businesses that use two-way radios (large clothing shops, bars, clubs, etc.), PMR446 walkie-talkies are recommended because they are free to use. These walkies have a lot of channels and subchannels (PMR 446 frequency) that can be used without subscriptions or licenses. Just charge the battery and find a free channel to start using them.

There is another category of two-way radio that can only be used under license. These are high-end walkies, which work with VHF or UHF frequencies. To operate them, it is essential to get a license from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism; a specific frequency will be provided for exclusive use. This type of communication system is similar to that used by the police and emergency services, but is also often used for sports and hunting (each community has its own frequency). Radios in this range are recommended equipment for companies that require high reliability and quality of communications, as they can work on frequencies without external interference.