The importance and the value of your ebike battery

So often a battery is the most expensive item of an e-bike and, at the same time, even the most important part.
For this reason, it is necessary, whether buying it and when using and maintaining it, to dedicate each battery the appropriate care.
Battery autonomy
The first indication of a battery autonomy is represented by the capacity and it is indicated in Ah or Watt-h. The highest Ah or Watt-h values, the longest its life. The autonomy, by the way, changes depending on factors that are independent from the battery itself, as engine efficiency, engine assistance level compared to the bike ride, the length and the grade of the afforded climbs, the rider’s weight, the wind and even the air-chambers inflation level. For this reason, it is advisable to make a careful maintenance of all mechanical parts to avoid partial losses of the battery energy in useless mechanical functions droppings.
First overuse warnings
Over the time, the battery autonomy will gradually decrease.
Generally, a proper bike preservation is to be checked after 24-36 months of use. It is therefore important to manage them properly, to lengthen their lives.
Useful advice to lengthen a battery life
All batteries are damaged if over-charged frequently, so avoid to use any unsuitable battery charger for your battery. At the same time, they might be damaged even if they are run out for too much time, they can even stop functioning. Bear in mind that batteries perform at the best at temperatures similar to those where even humans work better! When it’s cold (under 10°C) it is more advisable to keep the bike and re-charge its batteries indoor, and take the bike out only when it has to be used. Handle them carefully as strong shocks or hits may damage the chemical and electronic components inside.
If the e-bike is not being used for long, it is necessary to regularly re-charge it, approximately once every 2-3 months. To be even more accurate, the best would be to charge the battery up to its 100% capacity and then once a month check the charge level, that is likely to have decreased a bit.
If the charge level decreases under 50-60% it will be useful then to charge it again.