Shedding light on the world of led torches

Choosing a LED torch is not as easy as it used to be: there are now many models available on the market and understanding the differences and functions requires some important considerations.

Which LED torch should you choose?

We’ll help you choose the best LED torch to suit your needs.

Do you need a hands-free LED torch?

The obvious choice then is the LED head torch. It comes equipped with an adjustable headband that allows you to position the light on your forehead, leaving your hands free. This type of torch is very popular among sportsmen and women, fishermen, hikers and anyone who does an outdoor activity.

Do you want to stop buying batteries to run your LED torch?

Your best choice in this case is a rechargeable LED torch, the only one in the vast panorama of torches that allows you to say goodbye to disposable batteries. Thanks to its lithium batteries, you won’t have to buy AA batteries anymore – saving both money and the environment.

Are you a hiker or just a fan of “mountain life”?

If you’re a real fan of high-altitude adventures, we recommend a pocket-sized LED torch with an aluminium unit. You might be wondering why, but the explanation is really simple! When you’re hiking in the mountains, unexpected things can happen – your torch may fall out of your hands or your rucksack if not properly stored away. With a plastic-made product, the risk of damage on falling is very high, whereby an aluminium LED torch is much more resistant (in the case of a fall from a height of more than 1 metre, we can suggest the most adapted model for your needs). 

Other useful functions for outdoor activity lovers are: strobe (flashing light for self-defence) and SOS (to send morse code emergency signals). It’s important to choose the right light for different circumstances. In addition to a white light, we recommend a LED torch that can also provide red light (specifically for night vision, and map reading without eye strain), blue light (ideal for following animal tracks) and green light (to observe animals without startling them).

Do you need a waterproof LED torch?

If water resistance is what you’re looking for, you can opt for waterproof LED torches with IPX8 or IPX4 protection. The IPX4 rating means that your product is resistant to dust and water splashes. The IPX8 rating, on the other hand, combines the same performance as the IPX4, and resists damage up to a depth of 2 metres.

Do you need a LED torch that can withstand deep sea diving?

If you require a LED torch to accompany you when diving, then an underwater torch is a must. When choosing underwater torches, the waterproof capacity of the product is very important. If your goal is to go deeper than 50 metres to explore the seabed, we suggest you only buy models with a 100-metre capacity.