Service battery for your caravan, characteristics and tips for choosing the best one


A service battery for your caravan is the key device to make all caravan accessories working. Therefore, it has to cover the energetic need for a fridge, TV, pumps, electricity for mobile phones charging, etc. In case of full discharge, we will face the problem to be unable to use all such electrical powered services.

Starting battery, instead, is different, as it is needed to give a start to the vehicle to run.
The service battery for caravans is needed when we need energy for a rather long time, for this reason it must be a low self- discharge battery.

What does it mean? It means that it must keep the charge along the time, being able to stand-by for several hours without losing it. For this, AGM caravan batteries are the best to endure after several cycles of deep discharge. This is granted by the specific technology that allows the electrolyte to evaporate during charging and discharging phases, after whom the arisen little bubbles mix again with the acid, allowing the battery a low discharge that keeps an efficient performance.

Choosing the right battery for a caravan journey is most important to avoid troubles along your holiday on the road.

The range of our service batteries includes:
– free acid
– gel
– Lithium

The low-discharge free acid batteries are the cheapest service batteries. They contain the liquid electrolyte inside with glass-fiber separators to allow a higher current capacity. They need regular level inspections and additional filling, in case the electrolyte level will be low. This kind of battery, during the charging phase, may produce annoying emissions, that’s why they are not suitable to be installed in non-aired caravan areas. They are a safe product, granting a high quality-price ratio, needing anyway a regular maintenance.

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries have a liquid electrolyte absorbed in separators made of spongy glass fiber. This represents also the important function to make the plate stronger. AGM caravan batteries are “maintenance free”, they just don’t need any specific maintenance service. They are sealed to avoid the liquid accidental leakage and therefore they can be mounted everywhere and even placed in low aired areas.

Gel batteries contain an electrolyte in a gelatinous form, with a sealed box to avoid any liquid accidental leakage. There is no specific maintenance needed with them either. They are suitable for deep discharge cycles and they can be mounted close to people and electronic components.

AGM caravan batteries and gel batteries are similar, but with a substantial difference on structure for the electrolyte form and management. The first ones have more compacted elements to allow a longer life and better performances with quick discharges.

Deep cycle lithium batteries are the newest on the market, and they have all the main characteristics of lithium batteries, with rather light weight, high energy density, possibility to supply high current, several charging cycles. The disadvantages of them are price, still far higher than lead batteries, and a lower safety compared to lead batteries.

Which one is the best?

You can go for AGM caravan battery, being a safe product with no maintenance needed.