Starting batteries, batteries installed on our vehicles to allow engine start and electrical system stabilization during car running, are affected by long car pausing times as they undergo a minimum and constant absorption due to the several electrical and electronic devices installed on our cars (alarm systems, electrical control unit, GPS or other devices).

Short pauses usually do not cause problems to the starting battery, as its running out, in that case, may only be partial. Of course, this happens if we consider an average external temperature between 5°C and 30° C, the control panel to be switched off and the battery to be fully loaded by the alternator before the car was paused.

Nevertheless, if car pausing times are longer than 10-15 days, as it might happen in this part of the year, some problems may arise, in connection to a battery damage.

To avoid this to happen we suggest the following:

  • Switch on your car for at least 20 min or run it for 15/20 Km once a week so that your car battery is always charged. In case that would not be possible, ask one of your friends or neighbours to do that for you (let’s cooperate together!)
  • Only if the car is NOT equipped with Start&Stop systems, disconnect the battery connectors from the electrical system of the vehicle: this grants the electrical absorption reduction to zero.
  • In case an alarm system or other devices working at continuous energy are activated, being impossible to disconnect the battery, we suggest to use a charge maintainer to allow the battery to keep an optimal voltage


The battery self-discharge can  occur on new or recently installed products, so in case you receive a warranty claim for newly purchased products, before confirming product replacement to your Customers, it is advisable to check with the specific testing instrument after the battery is charged again. In most cases these batteries will NOT TURN OUT AS DEFECTIVE but just discharged. After their charge, they will rather certainly work again properly.

Do not hesitate in contacting us for any further information you may need, we will be glad to support you!