In this article you will find some important information about alarm system batteries for home security.

The different types of home alarm systems

Equipping your home with an alarm system is a winning move to allow you some peace and quiet without having to worry about intruders and break-ins. There are two types on the market: cabled or wireless. In the latter case, there is no need for channel ducting as communication takes place via electromagnetic waves. Wireless technology is the quickest and simplest solution, provided you pay attention to possible malfunctions caused by radio interference. The wired home alarm system, on the other hand, should only be installed by professionals to avoid leaving certain areas unprotected.

What does an alarm system consist of?

The heart of the alarm system is the control unit that analyzes the signals sent by the sensors installed inside the house and decodes them. The installation of additional batteries is essential for the proper functioning of this component. 

In the event of a break-in, the alarm system control unit activates the sirens, which emit a high-pitched and prolonged sound. Another very important element of the burglar alarm is the video surveillance cameras. The traditional burglar alarm can also be combined with a telephone dialer which, once a break-in is detected, sends an alarm message to the telephone numbers in its memory, effectively alerting the owners of the attempted theft.

Alarm system emergency batteries: a valuable ally

It is always a good idea for private home alarm systems to be connected to the conventional power supply, and also to be equipped with special alarm batteries, called emergency batteries. This is because emergency batteries enable an alarm system to function even during a blackout, or if it is interrupted by external forces, such as a burglar attempting to disconnect it. To prevent the alarm system from going off unintentionally, e.g. in the event of a power failure, emergency alarm batteries found in the central units guarantee continued power supply.

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