Electronic cigarette: functioning and battery


Electronic cigarettes have been developed to reduce tobacco consumption by keeping, at the same time, the same sensorial perceptions. Today they are the main alternative for everyone that needs to reduce cigarettes, traditional cigars and pipe addiction.

How do they work? What are the differences between them and traditional cigarettes?

How do they work?

E-cigarettes have to be activated by the user, through a specific button, then the flavoured liquid inside is vaporised so that everyone inhaling it gets the feeling to be smoking a traditional cigarette, from gestures, to smoke effects, to the tobacco aroma. These cigarettes, in fact, host specific batteries that power the resistance inside the atomizer by heating it and vaporizing the liquid included inside. In some models, to make it even more real, during inhaling a red led light is activated on the opposite part of the device, making it in this way even more similar to the red burning cigarette effect.

Which is the best battery for electronic cigarettes?

Basically, we have to consider than the bigger the battery is, the higher the electronic cigarette autonomy.  So, a lot depends on the type of electronic cigarette that you buy. The battery for electronic cigarettes can have a variable voltage and it can be automatically enabled, through inhaling, or manually enabled, by pressing the specific button when inhaling. Not only, you can also find batteries with lighting led on the cigarette end, with charge indicator or mini-usb plug. Batteries for electronic cigarettes type 18650 (this number stands for the battery size, that’s 18 mm diameter and 65 mm height), for example, grant a good power and duration and they can be suitable for almost all cigarettes. Batteries 21700 (meaning 21 mm diameter and 70 mm height), instead, represent the most advanced technology for lithium batteries, even if today there are only few electronic cigarettes they can be used into.

How can you choose a 18650 battery for electronic cigarettes?

In order to choose a suitable 18650 battery for your electronic cigarette, you have to consider:

  1. Capacity: approximately, a 3000 mAh charge is more than enough. The higher the value, the higher the battery autonomy.
  2. Voltage: to consider around 3.7V
  3. Resistance: before buying it, it’s important to evaluate its resistance to heat. The higher the resistance, the better the product.
  4. Safety: before buying any electronic cigarette battery you must check its reliability. It’s in fact a device that, in case of short-circuit, may explode in sensitive areas as face.
  5. Price: last but not least, before buying you have to consider price. Considering all the points mentioned above, you’ll have to consider prices in order to evaluate the best one.

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