Car batteries: tips for the summer season

Not everyone knows that car batteries really suffer the heat. So we thought we would provide you with some useful tips to make sure that your batteries can withstand the high temperatures without any problems.

From regular fluid testing to cleaning, here is absolutely everything you need to know!

What are the problems associated with high temperatures? 

There is often a tendency to believe that only severe cold can damage a car’s components. As we are about to see in this article, this is not the case at all.

Car batteries and heat, in fact, do not get on well together. High temperatures are very dangerous for accumulators. When a heatwave begins, the battery charge drops significantly. This is due to a particular phenomenon: we are talking about the electrochemical reaction within the car battery, which tends to accelerate in hot weather. Thus, the natural phenomenon of self-discharge tends to be much faster. 

As an example, we can imagine that from 20°C onwards, every 10°C increase practically doubles the rate of self-discharge.

This phenomenon also clearly explains why accumulators in summer require more frequent recharging to maintain optimum efficiency, especially when the vehicle is stationary for a long period.

In addition, with high temperatures, other secondary chemical reactions are also accelerated: the rule of doubling with every 10°C increase also applies here.

The problems that can arise in hot weather are numerous! 

One of these is, for example, grid corrosion, which gradually reduces the conductive material of the batteries and increases starter power performance.

Another typical problem is damage to battery capacity. When this happens, the battery can no longer be restored and the only option is to replace it.

As you can see, heat-related problems are very insidious and are often difficult to recognise because they are not immediately apparent. Indeed, they become more obvious when temperatures fluctuate dramatically: for example, when the cold weather returns, when the car needs more energy to start the engine.

How do we prevent the problems that hot weather causes to batteries?

Now that we know all the problems that can damage car batteries, let’s take a look at how to properly care for your battery during the summer months.

A good habit is to keep the car out of the sun; of course, in many cases this is not possible. 

The solution, to avoid running into big trouble, therefore, is to maintain the car battery periodically.

It is essential to ensure that the battery is as clean as possible.

It is also very important to pay attention to keeping the engine levels at the right standard. This will help prevent breakdowns from occurring.

Careful battery maintenance can only be carried out by a professional: it is therefore a good idea, especially in hot weather, to visit authorised garages that can diagnose malfunctions with special electronic devices. Equally important, always choose top-quality accumulators that are better prepared to withstand high temperatures.

Still in doubt? 

The Tuttobatterie staff is always on hand to guide every motorist towards the most suitable choice for their vehicle!