Batteries for antique vehicles

antique motorbike

Are antique vehicles your passion and are you looking for an antique motorbike battery and you don’t know where to address to? Today it’s rather complicated to find the best battery for your vehicle, but on Tuttobatterie website you will always find a wide range of batteries for every kind of vehicle (cars, motorbikes and even e-bikes).

The 6/12 volt range for motorbikes and cars is manufactured in ebonite battery monoblocks in full compliance with your antique vehicle authenticity. The traditional ebonite monoblock is still the best solution for the historical vehicles. The plates are isolated with cases of polyethylene strip, avoiding in this way any short circuit risk and enhancing the electrical characteristics.

Every vehicle, it is known, has got specific characteristics and finding the right spare part might be hard. But this will not happen if you choose a highly qualified and specialized operator.

In order to enquiry for the right battery, please send us the following information:

Historical vehicle model

Battery dimensions (length, width, height)

Voltage (6V/12V)

Amperage (Ah), if possible

Buy the battery for your antique motorbike now!