AirMan Mini – the battery cordless portable compressor: technical characteristics and use

AirMan Mini compressore portatile a batteria

Light and Small Mini compressor

AirMan Mini is the new portable battery cordless mini compressor, light in its 330 gr, handy, small, and easy-to-use for 2-wheel and economy car tyres inflating.

AirMan Mini can be even used with one single hand for tyre inflating or tyre pressure reduction, equipped with pressure settings for different means to make it easy even for beginners.

It is powered by an in-site ion-lithium battery with a capacity of 2.200 mAh that completely charges in just 3 hours thanks to the C type USB cable, with a continuous operating time of 15 minutes.

Perfect as a travel compressor, equipped with led light

A travel compressor is practical, in fact it is possible to place the hose and all inflating accessories inside the compressor when not in use. This characteristic makes it suitable for being easily transported.

The small portable compressor has been developed to inflate different types of tyres, from bike tyres to moto tyres, up to economy car tyres where pressures can be restored from 1,8 up to 2,5 bar. It can even reach a max pressure up to 7,5 bar (pressure can even be set in psi or kPa). Adjustable to Presta and Schrader valves.

Equipped with LED light, it can grant operating in dark or low illuminated conditions. The easy-to-use display on the front part shows the tyre pressure. You can just connect it to the valve and set the desired pressure and activate the compressor. Once this is reached, the compressor will automatically stop.

It is also important to know that it is the most silent among the available compressors on the market with a noise level around 72 dB – less than a hair dryer.