AGM GreenPower Battery especially for recreational vehicles and caravans

AGM GreenPower la batteria per camper e veicoli ricreazionali

Unleashing the maximum energy and reliability you deserve with AGM GreenPower Battery

AGM GreenPower Battery is a battery especially developed for recreational vehicles and caravans. It can supply a high amount of energy in a constant and trustable way, even during long times, having at the same time a longer duration compared to standard lead batteries.

It is important to check that the battery can support your supply needs and that it has been properly charged, to grant the maximum duration and performance.

An AGM GreenPower battery construction is similar to traditional lead batteries, with some differences. The positive and negative plates are made on high density lead-calcium, that improve the charge retention, allowing in this way a higher number of cycles. And more, they allow the battery to be corrosion resistant. 

The AGM technology blocks the gas output during charge, making it even safer with no maintenance needs compared to traditional lead batteries.

The low-discharge GreenPower battery

The low-discharge GreenPower battery is a lead-acid battery sealed with VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) technology that blocks the gas output and the electrolyte evaporation, equipped with a security valve regulating the battery inner pressure.

Developed to be resistant to vibrations and external stress and can be used in multiple positions, as it does not release toxic gases.

Discover GreenPower battery types

On TuttoBatterie you will find the two more requested models for the caravan and nautical worlds, they are both easy to install under the passenger’s seat.

AGM GreenPower GP80 a 80 Ah battery with dimensions 350x167x179 and the most sold AGM GreenPower GP100B, with sizes 350x166x185 h

AGM GreenPower Battery caravans and recreational vehicles


Why GreenPower battery isn’t always the best choice

Greenpower batteries are suitable for a cyclic use with limited discharging currents, as supplying caravan and navigation services.

This model is not suitable as a caravan or boat starter or in high discharge currents use as UPS or off grid plants with great numbers of users.