The advantages of overhead crane radio remote controls for work and safety

Are you wondering why you should use an overhead crane radio remote control? Certainly, because it improves the way you work and increases safety. Now is the right time to get rid of cable and go wireless! 

The radio remote control for overhead cranes has rapidly become one of the most useful tools for those working in the field of heavy load lifting in warehouses, engineering, industrial plants, building sites and ports. 

Easy to adopt, it allows the operation of hoists to be controlled with extreme simplicity and efficiency. In addition, this device also enhances safety at work.

Let’s find out together what the advantages of using an overhead crane  radio remote control are.

Better view thanks to an overhead crane radio remote control

Using a radio remote control for overhead or standard cranes allows for a better, 360 degree view. The operator, in fact, is not stuck in a fixed position,and connected by a cable to the lifting vehicle. On the contrary, thanks to this device, he can move freely throughout the whole working area, and is able to check for hidden obstacles or unforeseen dangers. A wireless device controls every movement, with extreme autonomy. The overhead crane radio remote control also allows greater precision in the different phases and operations. It is possible to follow the load’s movement, always maintaining an optimal viewpoint, to observe the entire handling area and to see clearly where the load is to be placed.

Fewer accidents and injuries with the overhead crane radio remote control

The overhead crane radio remote control allows all lifting and handling operations to be managed from a safe distance: this means that the operator can work comfortably and without danger. The chances of accidents or work-related injuries are greatly reduced because with this device the crane operator is no longer close to heavy loads that could hit or crush him in the event of an accidental fall. 

In the event of a structural failure or damage to the lifting machine, in fact, some parts can fall on the workers below, hitting and injuring them. Thanks to the overhead crane radio remote control, workers can instead settle in a safer position, protected from the possible breakage of mechanical parts.

The improved view the radio device offers, also helps prevent accidents involving other workers. Using the overhead crane radio remote control, the operator has a clear view of the entire working area and can also keep other workers protected, ensuring they are not run over or hit by the moving load, even when they are in places of low visibility.

See how many advantages await you when you choose the overhead crane radio remote control? 

Replacing old cable control devices with a new-generation overhead crane radio remote control  is very simple. 

Any lifting installation can be equipped with this solution. Just install a receiver unit on the crane and then provide the operator with a transmitter, hand control or belt pack. 

When equipping a crane with a radio remote control, it is important to choose the radio remote control with the most appropriate configuration so that it can really be useful for all your needs. 

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