Power Bank and Power Station, portable charging devices

Dispositivi di ricarica portatili

Power Bank and Power Station, innovations in charging devices

Very much we read about new charging devices that have come out on the market in recent years. With the rising use of mobile devices, the need to have new solutions for their charging has risen as well.

Mobile devices have jumped in the past few years, and their massive use is discharging our batteries more and more. For this reason, new and different portable charging solutions are more and more needed.

Among the novelties, we can certainly take a look at portable power devices such as power banks and power stations. Often these charging devices are mixed up. If you have not a clear idea on their difference here you can find the answer. In the incoming paragraphs these two types of battery chargers are compared and evaluated for a better choice.

Power Bank, the portable and external charger for increasing battery power of electronic devices

Power bank is a portable and external charger that, once charged, can supply energy for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart watches, with no need for a physical current source.

This type of external battery has been having great success in the last years. Buying a power bank allows, in fact, to have an energy stock whenever needed, a precious resource if you are away from home for hours or during a journey.

The use of this accessory is so easy. The only important thing to remember is to always and completely charge the power bank before using it. To do it, you should just connect the usb cable to the power bank and plug it into the power source. If you want to plug it to the house electricity net, you just need an adapter as the one you use for your smartphone charger. Or, you can even connect it to your laptop. When the device is charged, you can see it through the charging panel on the power bank: normally it is a small Led changing its color when charge is completed. 

Portable Power Station, the battery-powered generators to be used to supply recharge to electronic devices

Portable Power Station is a rather new product on the market among charging devices. It is an environmentally friendly charging and power solution, represents an alternative to standard generators with combustion engines to have a silent electrical source, with no additional costs for fuel, easy to transport and suitable any time you need current to manage your general and comfort activities as a hobby, or your job or an emergency.

Made with last generation high-performance lithium batteries able to keep the original performances for several charging cycles along the time, they are easy to use when traveling, in your car or even in your hands or in your backpack: the lightest models of the battery-powered generators weight between 5 and 7 kgs and allow about ten devices to be connected even at the same time.

The portable Power stations are developed especially for outdoor, camping or trekking lovers, boat trips for fishing or amusement, caravan holidays or open air events. But they can even become a key and useful tool: a dj could source its station for an all-night-long party, a professional video maker could install a working space with everything necessary for every mobile working station, an artisan could use its tools with no need to use extension cables or unstable and uncomfortable connections. 

These are ones of the main advantages a battery generator can offer. The Applications of a Portable Power Station are several and very popular for caravan and boat owners, camping lovers, being extremely useful for its rapid charge and power supply of more devices while you are traveling or even in water.

This type of charging device can be supported by different charging modes, from traditional electricity net to USB cable or connection to photovoltaic panels.

Which to choose between power station or power bank

How to choose between the two options of charging devices?

We’ve seen what are the main characteristics of both solutions. As we underlined, they are two rather different solutions for dimension, characteristics and function. 

Even if the final scope for both devices is charging, the usage possibilities are rather different between the two models.

Buying a power bank is advisable for everyone needing an energy stock to use during the day, when there are no possibilities to charge your electronic devices to the current net.

This device in fact is developed to be portable, durable and extremely handy. Main power banks have small dimensions and weights suitable for being easily transported during all day.

Portable power stations instead are especially advisable for everyone needing a charging station allowing to keep under control the charge of more devices at the same time. This device in fact is developed for being transported on vans, caravans or boats or mountain cottages that are not connected to the electrical net.

Differences, hence, are clear and now you should not mix them at time of buying!